General terms and conditions of rental Print
The residences are rented for the occupancy of the maximum number of persons indicated in the catalog.

The rent is payable in advance, exclusively to WestLand, as follows:
- one-third (1/3) at the signature of the rental agreement;
- two-thirds (2/3) at least sixty (60) days prior to the beginning of the rental.

The tenant shall take up cancellation insurance. Failing that, he can ask WestLand totake up such insurance on his behalf. In the event the agreement is terminated for a reason that is not provided for or covered by such insurance policy, the tenant shall be liable for the entire rent, unless he finds a substitute tenant who agrees to pay the agreed rent. In such a case, WestLand shall return to the tenant any rent paid by him, after deduction of a CHF 200.- administration and reservation charge, and of the additional amount of the insurance premium in the event of cancellation. All charges (heating, water, electricity, gas, swimming pool and garden maintenance, occupancy taxes) are included in the rent. The final cleanup is the responsibility of the owner. Telephone charges are billed separately by WestLand to the tenant, after reception of the bill by the owner.

The tenant agrees to use the leased premises with care. He shall be liable, in addition to the rent, for any damage caused to the building as well as the replacement cost of any object lost, destroyed or deteriorated. The tenant is liable for any damage caused by him or the persons in his party cause intentionally or through negligence. To guarantee such liability, the tenant shall pay a security (the amount of which shall be determined according to the terms and conditions of the catalog) to WestLand or forward a guarantee check in the same amount not later than thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of the lease. Such security shall be returned upon confirmation by the owner that he has no claim against the tenants. Such confirmation or any claims by the owner shall be notified within ten (10) days after the expiration of the lease. Failing that, the security shall also be returned to the tenant by WestLand.

Well-founded claims relating to the leased premises or objects shall be notified to WestLand without delay. Failing that, the premises shall be deemed to have been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the rental agreement.

The rental agreement pertains only to the rental of the residence. Any additional services that the tenant may request of WestLand (transport, booking of trips, house personnel, etc.) shall be invoiced separately to the tenant and paid separately by him to WestLand, or directly to the provider of said services.

WestLand guarantees a careful selection and control of the residences that it rents out. WestLand agrees to set about the necessary procedures to obtain from the owner an appropriate indemnity for the tenant in the event that agreed services were poorly performed or that additional costs were borne, insofar as such defaults are due neither to acts of God nor third persons. WestLand is in no way responsible for services provided by other firms, whether in transport, catering, leisure, or other services, etc., even if WestLand advised the tenant in the choice of such firms. Westland's liability is limited in any case to the agreed amount of rent and pertains only to any direct loss resulting from it.

The agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Swiss law, and any suit or legal proceeding shall be brought before the courts of the jurisdiction in which WestLand's registered office is located, that is, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.